Water on the Other Side

  • dingy, calm morning
  • pier afternoon
  • couta boats
  • clouds and light
  • beach sheds
  • after storm
  • after storm cloud
  • Slowly Breaking Through a Daylight
  • morning sheds and pier
  • still morning
  • afternoon northerly
  • afternoon waves
  • Blue Hood Fishing Boat
  • Shipping Bouys
  • Two Shipping Bouys

Australian Galleries – July 2016

“Rick Matear personifies what Albert Camus referred to as “the invincible summer”, that is, the summer that lives inside us all year round.

“Rick is an artist with a very well-developed sense of place and a real affinity for the natural environment. It is clear from looking at his work that he has an intimate and profound relationship with his subject. His paintings are the result of two great things: an artist who possesses a refined technique that perfectly matches his subject matter; and an artist who honours and completely belongs to the landscape he is painting.” – Animator Sal Cooper 2014

“The 2016 exhibition ‘Water on the Other Side’ was influenced by artists such as Margaret Olley, Edward Manet and David Hockney. The subjects come from near Point King Sorrento. Painting water, sky and objects at different times of the day”. – Rick Matear.