Aboriginal Influences

  • After a Swim
  • I want to jump off the pier again
  • Waters Edge
  • Surf at the Back Beach
  • Ponte Della Guglie
  • Still Water at Point King

“Inspired by aboriginal dot paintings and pointillism”.

Rick Matear is renowned for his compelling depictions of the picturesque coastal area of the Mornington Peninsula. However for three years, Matear experimented with this style. His exhibition, at C3 Gallery and called “Bridging Between Cultures,” that diverse cultures influence and enrich one another. The exhibition involved a series of large-scale expressionistic paintings reflective of his love of the Mornington Peninsula.

This series of paintings have a chic European sensibility and exotic essence, evoking the mood and atmosphere of the Mediterranean in his scenes of dreamy decadence on the Mornington Peninsula. Influenced by artists such as Lin Onus, Picasso and Matisse. Artist’s who looked to surrounding cultures, to see the world from another point of view.

In his delicate, paintings, luminous figures are depicted rising out from rippling surf and sunbathe on gleaming white sand. However, the shimmering mosaic of colour is a mirage. Matear’s paintings are unglazed and chalky in surface, achieving their luminosity through subtle optical effects. “I use acrylic paint and I enjoy the diversity of the quick drying medium,” said Matear. “It allows me to create a unique finish, some times the works have a dry, matte ground. By placing certain colours on this ground the surface appears to shimmer and glow.”

Each painting resembles delicately tinted glass roundels placed together in an intricate mosaic. The dotted, circled or other brush strokes rise out from a warm, creamy background, in gentle hues of blue, gold, pink, russet, green and brown, softly colliding as only nature can, into recognisable shapes and forms.

“I choose a colour as a base to create the ‘mortar’ in between the dots or circles,” explained Matear. “The stroked pattern are in other tones, and I paint the pattern in a series of varying sizes that works to create an optical effect of texture and depth, though the surface is actually quite flat.”

Matear’s works evoke sensory experiences and reminisces. They transport the viewer to that warm sunny day spent lying on the beach or playing in the surf with friends, that one remembers in a dreamy haze of fragmented colour and shape.